Access ORKUT On Your Mobile Phone or PDA

Here is a tip for all Orkut users… Have you ever tried to access orkut on your mobile browser, or even OPERA MINI.
If you have tried, you must surely know what happens……….
Let me tell u for those who have not tried it..The login box does not appear…. As a result you cannot sign in and therefore, to say as a whole, ORKUT CANNOT BE ACCESSED ON MOBILE!!!!!
But here is a trick for all to ACCESS ORKUT ON YOUR MOBILE.. You need to do nothing, just follow the link-….aspx&hl=en-US
And you will see that only the login-box appears, just sign in and there you are…The whole ORKUT at your hands!!!!
If you lose this link,, here is how to get it.. when you open on your pc. The login box loads in a different frame.., In Firefox, right click on this frame and Select load this frame only, and the link you get for that frame is this link.Actualy what happens is that we load only this frame and not the others..

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