Ferrari Learning Laptop

This Ferrari Learning Laptop is a cute little gadget aimed at ages 5 and up. The with LED backlit trackpad and exclusive mouse design features 60 age appropriate and educationally sound content covers these key development areas by using activities and games including 10 in Spanish for second language acquisition.The kids can now play and learn essential 1st and 2nd grade skills while practicing fundamental keyboard skills. 60 Activities and games include 50 games in English and 10 games in Spanish. There are 14 Vocabulary/Grammar/Spelling games. 20 Math/Logic/and Memory games. 9 Creative arts games that incorporate music activities. 7 Computer skills utilizing Keyboard functions and tools. Help your children hold the pole position to being first in their class and enhancing their computer skills with this great learning tool. Includes a mouse, Strap carry handle and mouse pad.
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