How to change the start button

how to change the start buttonHow to change the name of Start button of XPdon't do any mistakes....try this trick at ur own risk...

U`ve got a software called reshack download that do lemme know after u do that......

Let us start with the “Start” button. Read the entire article at least once before you proceed.I’ve read a number of articles in Orkut about changing the text of the XP Start button. I have been told about a five letter limitation when the button is renamed. But with my personal experience I would say that there is no limit as such! I tried even a 10 letter word; I did notinclude any space थौघ

space though।This hack will be explained in two steps. I am taking extreme caution to make sure that nothing goes wrong. The first step is to make a backup copy of the file explorer.exe located atC:\Windows. Copy the explorer.exe and paste it in a folder somewhere on your hard drive.
Step 1 –
Modify Explorer।exe FileThe file explorer। exe located at C:\Windows needs to be edited at first। Since explorer।exe isa binary file it requires a special editor। I used a special editor called “Resource Hacker”।Resource HackerTM is a freeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extractresources in 32bit Windows executables and resource फिलेस
। It incorporates an internalresource script compiler and decompiler and works on Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT,Win2000 and WinXP operating स्य्स्तेम्स
। You can download Resource hacker for free from the internet। Do a google search with the key word“Download Resource Hacker”; without quotes and it will take you to thedownload पगे
। Start Resource Hacker and open explorer।exe located at C:\Windows\एक्ष्प्लोरेर्
।The category we are going to be using is String Table। Expand it by clicking the plus signthen navigate down to and expand string 37 followed by highlighting १०३३
। If you are usingthe Classic Layout rather than the XP Layout, use number 38। The right hand pane willdisplay the stringtable as shown in picture below। We’re going to modify item 578, कर्रेंत्ल्य

showing the word “start” just as it displays on the current Start button.Just double click on the word “start” so that it’s highlighted, making sure that the marks remain in place, surrounding the new text that you’ll type. Go ahead and type your new entry. Click Compile Script and then save the altered file using the on the File Menu. Do not use the Save and choose a name for the file (Say “newExplorer.exe”).
Step 2 –
Modify the RegistryNow that the modified explorer।exe has been created it’s necessary to modify the registry sothe file will be recognized when the user logs onaccess the registry I’m not sure this article is for you, but just in case it’s a temporary memory lapse, go to Start
(soon to be something else) Run and type regedit in the Open:field। Navigate to the following keySOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ CurrentVersionIn the right pane, double click thedata: line, enter the name that was used to save the modified explorer।exe filewas “newExplorer।exe”)
। Click OK।
log back in, or reboot the entire system if that’s your preference। If all went as planned youshould see your new Start button with the revised text।

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