Photoshop Video Lessons

Photoshop Video Lessons8 Fantastic Photoshop Video Tutorials Leanguage: English 285 MB
Tutorial-1: Learning some methods of selection, for the absolute beginner.
Tutorial2: Basic Compositing. Learn the basic blending modes and, and how to make rain!
Tutorial-3: Zombie horror man. This one starts with us touching up a face, then moves on to de-touching up a face.
Tutorial-4: Text Reflections. A quick, simple way to do reflections/
Tutorial5: Selective Color Correction. Check out the image below.Tutoral-6: A cool, sometimes overlooked blending option.
Tutorial-7: Bubbling Success :). Add bubbles to an image, in this case to make a beverage look all the more tempting.
Tutorial-8: custom shapes and Clipping masks.
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