Product Key Explorer v.1.8.8 (Final)

Additional advantages for your Internet privacy! Schedule tasks to prevent forgetting to erase or hide records, minimizing the danger for you.
You only have to set the option once to cover your tracks automatically. Use Stealth Mode so that you can be confident that everything is erased without opening the eraser window.
Only you will know what's going on.
The SP Internet Eraser Cookie Manager allows you to decide which cookies to keep and which to erase. You can keep the cookies that store information so that you can browse the sites that you use often and trust. Emergency key.
Kill many Internet Explorer windows quickly with the Emergency key. When your wife, kids, or boss show up unexpectedly, don't get caught! Shut down several open Internet Explorer windows by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Z and you are safe!
All Internet Explorer windows close immediately and all the tracks are erased in stealth mode.

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