RapidShare hack for free account(RapidShare HACKING)

Most Trusted n Complete Working HACK

Simply Copy the CODE given below
Open Command prompt. ( run ->cmd )
Paste the Content There. [ Hope u know how to paste on the cmd Prompt ]
Now try the rapidshare link again
and it wont ask you to Wait for more than ONE minute.

@echo off
echo ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /flushdns
echo ipconfig /release
ipconfig /release
echo ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /renew

well it is known trick now nothing new in it


Keep checking this page for working Premium Rapidshare "user id" and "passwords"

Keep posting if u know more

You may also try this link!

Click here : Shankha(Fainted brain)

New working trick .. genuine

After searching a lot i found dis amazing thing. its like a proxy browser called TORPAK..it can change ur permanent IP to static IP. so jus wen u restart ur browser u will hav new IP... u can also set intervals between changing ur proxy...so now download mutliple files at d same time......it also has integration of IDM with it..


u have to close this perticular browser than open again and it will start downloading from RAPIDSHARE again no need to disconnect..

google it download n ~cheers~

Easy Way to Delete Rapidshare Cookie

If you logged into Rapidshare with an account that was detected by fraud detection you will need to delete the Rapidshare cookie. You could either:
Delete all the cookies, but this will makeyou have to login back into every website that you told the browser to auto login for you.
Go through every cookie and find that one rapidshare cookie.

So, here comes this little trick! You could bookmark this link and click it every timeyou need to delete ONLYRapidshare cookie:


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