Windows Crystal Xp V3 2008

1-All latest hotfixes integrated till this मोमें
t2-More speed while browsing internet and network कोम्पुतेर्स
3-New programs has been added with the latest versions
4-More useful registry tweaks
5-Faster connection speed has been unlocked
6-Annoying windows error message has been disabled
7-windows file protection has been disabled
8-New beautiful background wallpapers
9-New style icons and themes10-Transparent glass aero11-New boot screen and logon screenand much moreWindows Crystal XP V3--------------------------------------------------------------------------Only install this edition of Windows onto a freshly formatted partitionFirst of all there is {no languages or drivers has been removed}======================================RemovedGive us a free donation by simply clicking on the google Ads ( botoom of the page ) so that we to money and upload more softwares and games

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