Adobe Share Beta: Free 1 GB Online File Storage Space

adobe share beta

The trend of online file sharing is not new to many of the users out there but the trend of using web applications powered by Adobe Air definitely gives a new experience to many of the users. Adobe Share Beta is a great online web application which brings the trend of online file sharing to life again but in a more innovative way using the power of Adobe Air technology.

Adobe Share Beta is exactly like one of those online file sharing services that most of you use daily except that it redefines this concept by allowing you to upload and share files using an online web application rather than a HTML Form. The online web application is powered by Adobe Air and takes a second to load.


There is also an option to batch upload multiple files at once in one go. Share your files with your friends and family or send files directly to their email along with a personalized message. You can even choose the access level for your shared files.


My Library will keep a track of all of the files that you have shared or uploaded. You can even search for specific files if you have lot of useless bunch of files. Files have a unique URL and Embded Code which can be used to share files on blogs or social networks.

Adobe Share Beta Forums is a good place to learn more about Share Beta

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