Apple iPhone

) Multi-touch (Watch video)

With multi-touch you can flick, pinch AND tap. To zoom out of a photo, pinch, to zoom in, just reverse the pinching action. It senses touches by means of an electrical field and allows very natural actions. Supremely functional and all the girls could say was “WoW!” @ 150dB.

2) OS X (Watch Video)

The legendary,sexy Apple OS X on a phone!! !. And somehow Apple seem to have got the whole integration very right. Its very multitasking friendly and I only wish there was someway to control all the running applications like on Symbian OS.

3) Accelerometer (Watch Video)

! In essence it is a motion sensor, which detects whether the phone is vertical or horizontal. Accordingly it changes the viewing from Portrait to Landscape.(

4) Proximity Sensor (Watch Video)

. When you get a call, the screen and your cheek make all sorts of contact, and there might be inadvertent touches. So, in order to avoid that, we have a sensor which, during a call, turns of the touch screen and saves battery. How thoughtful.

Input and Output

The beautiful 3.5 inch 480 x 320 multi-touch screen is the primary input as well as output. It is easily the most stunning display . Your fingers are the only way to operate it, and its quite the fingerprint magnet. But it is absolutely scratch resistant, and you can use your shirt sleeve or jeans to wipe it off. Better still, get a good screen protector, and life will be much better.

The on-screen keyboard is the way to enter all the numbers and letters. This one is easily the best on-screen keyboard in mobile history and can easily stake claim to be the best substitute for the physical keyboard. The iPhone uses a combination of dictionary and keymap prediction to help out typing.

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