Directly watch you tube videous in ur mobile

YouTube and other video sites like DailyMotion and Google Videos have now become the biggest online portals for entertainment on the Internet but even still you will find rare solutions which allow you to take this video experience to your mobile. Avot Mobile Site is exactly one of those rare solutions which will enable you to watch, share and enjoy YouTube and videos from other sites right on your mobile and I feel privileged enough to do a sponsored review for this great service.

Avot Media Brings The Ultimate Mobile Video Solution

Avot Media brings you Avot Mobile, a brilliant solution that lets you “watch what you want” on your mobile device. The great and unique video search and discovery solution lets you search billions of videos and helps you watch them on your mobile with good sound and quality. It supports famous video sharing and video hosting web sites like YouTube, DailyMotion and Google Videos plus many more. You can watch all kinds of videos ranging from comedy, humor to showbiz and entertainment.

Avot Mobile will Make Your Mobile a Live JukeBox

Avot Mobile will turn your mobile device into a live portable JukeBox. It will let you organize the videos in playlists and will also allow you to group certain videos together so you can watch them whenever you want. The user is allowed to create/add an unlimited number of playlists and can add/remove the videos from the playlists accordingly.

Plus the very great feature of Avot Mobile, which makes it different and unique in comparison to other solutions, is that it does not require any video transcoding which is the main cause of low quality streaming.

How To Get Started with Avot Mobile Solution?

To start watching videos on your mobile just follow the simple instructions:

  • Go to Mobile site: Go to from your mobile phone browser and download the client.
  • PC download: Avot Media supports the traditional installation of Avot mV solution by allowing download of executable to your desktop PC from You can connect your mobile phone using ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Centre (WMDC) and run the application from PC.

Requirements for Avot Mobile Solution

The free mobile video solution supports Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and Smartphone mobile devices and works globally across all EDGE, 3G carriers and EV-DO data networks and Wi-Fi with current preview on Windows Mobile phones. Here is a big list of all supported devices for Avot Mobile.

Avot Mobile Blog

Don’t forget to visit Avot Blog for updated releases and news on the Avot Mobile Solution.

Avot Mobile Solution Live in Action!

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