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[1] (5.6MB)[2] [3] (4.6MB)[4] (1.9MB) [5] (1.86MB)[6] (6MB) 2 Best Free Anti-Virus Software There are two equal recommendations in this category. First there is AVG Antivirus 7 Free Edition. This product [1] has been continuously refined since it was first released in 1991 and the recently released V7.5 makes further improvements to an already solid product. Additionally, it's relatively small, light on resources, has regular automatic updates and handles email scanning. There is a free and a pro version, the only difference being that the free version has a few non-critical features disabled and has no direct technical support. Equally effective is the free Avast! scanner [2] though its funky media player style interface is not to everyone's taste. Avast! also required periodic re-registration while AVG does not. However Avast! does not seem to suffer the signature file update problems that plague some AVG users. A possible third choice is the AOL Anti Virus Shield [3]. This is a cut down version of the top rated Kaspersky AV and is being made available for free to all uses not just AOL members. On first sight it seems like an unbeatable deal but it's not quite what it seems. First this really is a "lite" version. It lacks the important html and heuristics modules present in the full Kaspersky product so the protection afforded against hostile web sites is actually inferior to AVG and Avast!. Gone, too, is the ability to create rescue disks and to fully manage the quarantine area. The configuration options are also more limited. Secondly the End User License Agreement is worrying. AOL basically reserves the right to spam you. I'm not aware of this actually happening but you need to be aware they have the right to do so. By default AOL AVS installs the AOL search bar in Internet Explorer as part of the AVS install. If you don't want it, make sure you opt out during installation. So on balance I'm cautious about recommending AOL AVS. If you can however, live with the limitations then you'll be rewarded with a first class scanner. Both AVG and Avast! are excellent free products that will meet the needs of most users. However neither can be considered to be the best available. That title belongs to commercial products like NOD32, F-Secure, the full version of Kaspersky AV and others. They are however capable packages and offers the financially challenged a real alternative to the major anti-virus suites. However if you use these free products in conjunction with a free on-demand scanner, you can achieve a level of detection approaching that of the best commercial products. Further improvement is possible by creating a layered defense using additional free security products such as AVG Anti-Spyware (formerly Ewido). On-demand scans should be run regularly, at least weekly, to check for viruses and other malware that may have been missed by your main scanner. If you don't use AOL AVS as your main AV product then this should be your the top choice as an on-demand scanner as its detection is outstanding. You should though, disable the AOL AVS real time monitor otherwise you may run into conflicts with the monitor on your primary AV product. Another top recommendation for an on-demand scanner is AntiVir Personal Edition Classic [4]. It offers significantly better detection rates than either AVG or Avast! but the lack of email scanning precludes recommendation as a primary scanner. However as an on-demand scanner, it's first rate. If you use it in this role, make sure you disable its resident virus guard during installation to prevent it interfering with your main AV scanner.Even so , it's quite an intrusive product -you will certainly be well aware of its presence. Note that the recently released V7 unfortunately introduces a time limited license though apparently this will be renewable. Yet another good option for on-demand scanning is the free version of the commercial AV product BitDefender [5]. It's a first class product with outstanding detection rates but as the free version lacks an email scanner and a resident virus guard, it's only really suited for use as an on-demand scanner rather than your main AV product. There are some other limitations as well. First it has an annoying habit of detecting malware products that have been quarantined by other security products and you can't exclude these areas from subsequent scans. Secondly, it is only available on a one year non-renewable license. [1] (16.0MB)[2] (8.8MB)[3] (13.9MB)[4] (8.7MB) [5] (13.2MB) 3 Best Free Adware/Spyware/Scumware Remover [1] ( 6.4MB)[2] (2.3MB)4 Best Free Browser Protection Utility 1] Free for personal use, Win2K and later, 310KB[2] Freeware, all Windows version, 2.5MB [3] Freeware, All Windows versions, 913KB5 Best Free Firewall [1] (7.3MB)[2] (8MB)[3][ (2.7MB)[4] (6.3MB)[5] (9.0MB)6 Best Free Trojan Scanner/Trojan Remover[1] (6.17MB)[2] <= review of Ewido7 Best Free Rootkit Scanner/Remover[1] Free beta, Windows 2000 and later, 808KB [2] Freeware, All Windows versions, 210KB[3] [4] Freeware, Windows NT and later, 450KB [5] Freeware, Windows XP and later, 1.9MB[6] Windows 2000 and later, 626KB[7] <= How to deal with the threat of rootkits8 Best Free Intrusion Prevention and Detection Utility for Home Use [1] Freeware, Windows 2000 and later, 4.7MB[2][2] Free for personal use,Win2K and later 26.7MB[3] $21.95, Win2K and later, 8.2MB[4] $29, Win2K and later, 1MB9 Best Free Anonymous Surfing Service [1] Freeware, Any Windows system with Java, 107KB[2] Free BSD License, All Windows, 4.6MB [3] Freeware, Windows NT and later, 9.27MB10 Best Free Software Suite [1][2][3]
The Best Windows Backup SoftwareWe are in the process of updating all the backup reviews at our site but I can tell you right now that the top product has blitzed the field for a second year in row. In fact, it's improved so much that it's now a one horse race for our "editor's choice." The updated review of the top product is now online. If you have been looking for a backup program, this is the one. Best Spyware DetectorIf you use Ad-Aware or SpyBot you will be surprised just how more effectively SpySweeper detects and protects your PC from Adware, Spyware, Trojans and other malicious products. That's why it yet again won the prized "Editor's Choice" award from PC Magazine. Try the free evaluation copy and see for yourself, you may be surprised what it finds on your PC. The Best Remote Access SoftwareOur reviewer had given this product category away as "too slow, tool clumsy and too unreliable" but after reviewing this product he's changed his mind; "... at longlast a remote access solution that actually works! Quite frankly we agree with him, it's an impressive product. Read the full review here: The Best Spam Blocker for DummiesMost spam filters require you to be a computer expert. Our Editor has found two spam filters for average users that will remove the spam from your email and yet are simple to use. The Best Anti-trojan Scanner Most users are not aware that their anti-virus scanner can only provide a moderate level of protection against trojan programs that try and take control of your PC. To really protect your computer, you need a dedicated anti-trojan program. Our editor's have reviewedevery major product on the market and have concluded that two scanners stand head and shoulders above the other contenders. The Best Drive Imaging ProgramIn this race there are really only two runners worth considering. This review provides an in-depth comparison of the top contenders but in the end, one product is the clear winner. The Best Free Kids Craft ProjectsKeep your children engaged and amused with healthy, creative arts and craft activities that won't cost you a cent. Free weekly newsletter packed with easy kids craft projects. Best Free File Manager[1] Free for private use, Win 95 and later, 899KB[2] Free for private use, Win 98 and later, 623KB.[3] All Windows versions, Free for private use, 633KB[4] [5] Freeware, Windows 95 and later, 1.61MB12 Best Free Email Client[1] Free Open Source software, Win 98 and later, 6.0MB[2] [3] [4] Freeware, Win 95 and later, 5.5MB. 13 Best Free Web Mail Accessory [1] Free GPL license, Win95 and later, 1.48MB[2] Freeware, Windows 98 and later, 813KB[3][4] Free Open Source, 1.5MB[5] <= Installing Mr Postman[6] <= MrPostman forum[7] Freeware, Windows 95 and later, 818KB14 Best Free Clipboard Replacement Utility [1] Windows 98 and later, 382 KB [2] Windows 95 and later, 422KB [3] .3MB15 Best Free HTML Editor [1] Free Open Source, Windows 98 and later plus Linux, 6.57MB [2] [3] Free, Windows 98 and later, 5.2MB[4] Freeware, All Windows versions, 3.4MB16 Best Free Spam Filter for the Average User [1] ( 3.05MB) [2] (1.57MB)[3] (1.87MB)[4]<=brief review of the best spam blockers 17 Best Free Spam Filter for Experienced Users (4.3MB) (3.6MB) (113KB)18 Best Free Popup Stopper [1] Freeware, All Windows versions, 1.38MB[2][3][4] Best Free Desktop Search Utility [1] X1 Enterprise Client, Free for personal use, Windows XP, 12.9MB.[2] Freeware, Windows 2000 SP3 or later, 5.3MB[3] Freeware, Windows 2000 SP3 or later, 2MB[4] Freeware, Windows 2000 or later, 8.7MB [5] Freeware, Windows 98 and later. 3MB20 Best Free Digital Image Viewer [1] (874KB)[2] (3.3MB)[3] (3.0MB)21 Best Free Digital Image Editor [1] (7.7MB)[2] (7.4MB)[3] Freeware, Win2K and later, 3.6MB [4] Freeware, all Windows, 19.4MB [5] Free for personal use, Windows 98 and later, 1.6MB22 Best Free Digital Photo Organizer Best Free Text Editor [1] Free for non-commercial use, Windows NT and later, 2.9MB [2] Freeware, Windows 98 and later, 241KB [3] Freeware, All Windows versions, 1.4MB [4] Open Source Freeware, All Windows versions, 1.03MB [5] Freeware, all Windows versions, 3.4MB[6] Freeware, All Windows versions, 1.6MB [7] Freeware, All Windows versions, 1.2MB24 The Best File Archiver/Zip Utility Windows 9x and later, 3.1MB Windows 9x and later, 1.05MB25 Best Free Hotkey Utility [1] Freeware, all Windows versions, 1.75MB[2] Freeware, all Windows versions, 707KB[3] Freeware, Windows XP, 804KB[4] Freeware, all Windows versions, 170KB26 Best Free Registry Cleaner[1] Freeware, All Windows versions, 2.8MB [2], Windows 98 and later, 860KB.[3] Free for non-commercial use, Windows 98 and later, 457KB[4] Freeware, All Windows versions, 2.1MB27 Best Free BitTorrent Client[1] Open source, any PC that supports Java, 7.6MB[2] Freeware, all Windows versions, 170KB28 The Best Free FTP Client [1] Free Open Source, Windows NT and later, 3.4MB [2] Free for non commercial use, Windows 2000 and later 3.3MB[3] Free GNU license, All Windows version, (1.4MB)29 Best Free Bookmark Cleaner Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility [1] CCE41AF06EB7&displaylang=en (844KB) [2] (1.9MB)31 Best Free Screen Capture Utility [1] (1.1MB)[2] (381KB) [3] (2.9MB)32 Best Free Search Toolbar (3MB) (327KB) (447KB)33 Best Free Download Manager [1] Freeware, All Windows versions, 2.34MB[2] Freeware, All Windows versions, 1.59MB[3][4] Freeware, all Windows versions, 1.43MB[5] Free for personal use, All Windows versions, 2.9MB [6] Free Firefox extension, 425KB34 Best Free Web Site Ripper Free GPL, All Windows versions, 3.3MB35 Best Free Download/Upload Meter [1] (601KB)[2] (806KB)36 Best Free TCP Settings Tweaker Best Free File Cleaner [1] Freeware, all Windows versions, 1.4MB[2] Freeware, Windows 98 and later, 667KB[3] Freeware, Windows version unstated, 331KB.38 Best Free Resource Meter[1] (92KB) [2] (1.65MB)39 Best Free Sticky Notes Utility [1] (723KB) [2],fid,17660,00.asp [3] (550KB)[4] (596KB)40 Best Free Secure Erase Utility [1] Free GNU license, all Windows versions, 2.4MB [2] [2] Freeware, Windows NT and later, 1.24MB[3] Free Open Source, All Windows versions, 1.99MB41 Best Free Registry Editor 1] Freeware, All Windows versions, 2.0MB.[2] Best Free Process Viewer [1] Freeware, Windows 9x and later, 640KB.[2] Free beta, Windows 2000 and later, 1.09MB43 Best Free System Information Utility [1] [2] Freeware, all Windows versions, 2.9MB[3] Freeware, all Windows versions, 4.0MB[4] Free beta, Windows XP Pro with 512MB RAM on the administrator's PC, 7MB.[5] Free for personal use, all Windows versions, 945KB[6] Freeware, Win98 and later, 1.18MB44 Best Free Search and Replace Utility [1] Freeware, all Windows versions, 361KB[2] Freeware, all Windows versions, 992KB[3] Free for private use, 1.03MB45 Best Free Outliner [1] Free Mozilla Public license, Windows 98 and later, 1.7MB[2] Free MIT X11 License, all Windows versions, 680KB46 Best Free Rename Utility[1] Freeware, all Windows versions, 734KB[2] Freeware, all Windows versions, 648KB[3] Freeware, Windows 98SE and later, 622KB[4] Freeware, all Win versions, 2.9MB

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