Giorgio Armani Samsung Luxury Mobile Phone

Giorgio Armani Samsung Luxury Mobile Phone is a new mobile phone which was recently unveiled at the Spring Summer 2008 Womens Fashion Show held by Giorgio Armani. The mobile is a result of the collaboration between Giorgio Armani (one of the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle design companies) and Samsung (one of the world’s leading electronic and telecommunication systems company)

It will definitely meet the needs of those people who want to own a technologically advanced and beautifully designed telephone with which to communicate and complete their lifestyle. The design of the Giorgio Armani mobile phone is definitely elite and elegant.

Giorgio Armani Mobile Features

Giorgio Armani is loaded with full multi-media features. Plus it is equipped with a 3-megapixel camera, a music player supporting various types of music formats and a full internet browser. It even offers a microSD slot for external memory and comes with a bluetooth stereo headset.

Giorgio Armani Mobile Has Built-in Trouble Alarm

There is an other interesting feature in the Giorgio Armani Samsung mobile phone which can help you in times of trouble. All you need to do is pre-program the number of your five closest relatives and trusted friends under a special contact group, and whenever you feel threatened, just press the volume button four times to kickstart the safety feature that will send out SOS text messages to those aforementioned numbers. It will also immediately activate the integrated GPS tracking system which will help your friends track you down instantly.

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