Google - Peep into other's email Boxes

The idea is, one Google advanced search string is filetype: . It is used to find out any file only. Now I'm using this string as a tool,
I am searching for filetype:eml eml intext:"Content-Type: image/jpeg".
Look at the keyword. It is finding a file with extension eml and that eml should have a Line Content-Type: image/jpeg. Now remember the old days, MIME encoding of a email. When ever we are attaching a .jpg file, that line should come in .eml file. So, the full keyword is searching for filename any with extension .eml which is email file extension, and it should contain a .jpg file, may be some photo or other picture from the web. You can't belive if you are not checking it yourself.

Keyword : filetype:eml eml intext:"Content-Type: image/jpeg"

Here is ur example lollxxx

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