Most Easiest Way To Lock Any Folder In Windows XP

Dirlock is the simplest and most easiest way to lock any folder in Windows XP using NTFS volume.

DirLock is designed for users who keep their computer turned on/logged in for others to use it.
So by using this application you will be able to lock individual folders instead of just locking the whole computer.

The user interface of DirLock is quite simple.Just right click any folder and click on lock/unlock and a pop up menu like above will ask you for password and thats it.

Pros: It provides you fairly straightforward way of protecting folders, and this freeware should suit the needs of most casual computer users and its simple and easy to use, no hassles or anything like that...

Cons: It's easy to use...but in starting you may get confused.
There is no Help file available to understand the functionality of this application.
And the last thing is that I don't know..if I forget the can I recover it. smile_teeth

Note*You need to have Microsoft.NET Framework Version 2.0 installed in your system for running DirLock1.4

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