N80 - Hefty Slider

My friend has recently got a Nokia N80 - Black for 5,000/- Rs ( 145 $). not that its features are bad (to say its specs are outstanding even for todays standards) but the practicality of the phone is a doubt (like battery life & stability of the phone).

N80 was one of the first N-Series phone to have a 3.2 MP camera, 3G / Wi-Fi and a high resolution screen. Here are some of my pointers on this phone. Even though this phone was released at a hefty price tag of Rs. 30000/- you can now find at some retail stores for 12,000/- rs.

  • Its quite a "soap bar", weighing a 135g with lots of plastic to shed if it wants to match Moto RIZR.

  • is quite fine at a whopping resolution of 352 x 416 pixels making the display a definite plus

  • Nowadays I have found every Nokia to be a big speaker when it comes to music reproduction able to blast music with its incredibly loud sound, but the down side you can hear the speaker crackling at high pitches.

  • Since its a Symbian 3rd edition smartphone , you can have all the Office functionality and you can buy / download and install 3rd party apps (there is a huge no. of them out there for your pickings)

  • Multimedia wise it can play almost any format of file thrown at it thanks to included Real player or because of softwares like DivXPlayer, smart movie player etc.

  • I have found almost most N-sereies smartphone image gallery takes a lot of time to open and this phone is also is the same boat . And the fancy animation makes it much more slower, i think.

  • I have read that Symbian web browser is good, and using it confirmed it with lots of features and options.

  • Connectivity is loaded with USB, Bluetooth, GPRS / EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi

  • I think this phone had a faulty camera module because the camera preview screen had lots of lines all over the screen and the captured pic wasn't that clear.

  • The problem that, after actually disconnecting the phone from the PC (linked thru bluetooth as a gprs modem) the phone automatically restarts.

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