Password Recovery Disk

It doesn't matter if you never again remember a Windows user password. Thanks to XP's
Forgotten Password Wizard, your conscience will be free and clear -- should your mind
happen to accidentally misplace your user password.

I highly suggest you create a password recovery disk the minute you create your user
account. Why? In order to create a password recovery disk you're going to need your
password. Write it down the minute you create your user account and then proceed to
creating your very own password recovery disk.

Here's how to launch the Forgotten Password Wizard:
Single-click Start menu, Control Panel, and User Accounts.
Click your user account name.
Under Related Tasks on the left, click "Prevent forgotten password" to launch the wizard.

Now that you've launched the wizard, let it walk you through creating the recovery disk.
Make sure the disk you use is formatted and in the drive. After it's finished creating
the disk, label it and stash it away for an emergency.

If you happen to forget your password, all you need to do is click your user icon at the
logon screen. Even though you don't have your password, go ahead and click the green arrow
just like you would to finish logging on to your computer. This will launch a little
yellow dialog box directing you to use your password recovery disk.

Volume Icon in Taskbar
It's really handy to have access to the Volume Control panel in the event you quickly
need to move the volume slider up or down. In its default state, XP ships with almost
a clean slate for both the desktop and taskbar. So, if you'd like to place the volume
control icon in the taskbar, you're going to need to make a little adjustment.
To place the volume control icon in the taskbar, follow these steps:
Single-click the Start menu.
Single-click Control Panel.
Single-click Sound, Speech, and Audio Devices.

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