Ever wondered how your mobile phone was able to perform all the camera capturing, music & games playing device it stands up to be. Actually all phones have processors ala your PC to perform these tasks. Here is a great utility called JBenchmark Ace from JBenchmark to assess your mobile phone / smart phone power.

Register for Free in their site and download the ACE application to your phone via wap, cable, IR or bluetooth and then run the application. I have put up the results of my Sony Ericsson Z550i here for reference,

  • CPU Class : ARM9
  • CPU MHz : 110 MHz
  • VM Type : AOT
To test the Java processing abilities of your phone there are JBenchmark 1.0, 2.0 and 3D which can be downloaded and run on your mobile. To download the ACE application via your mobile just point your mobile browser to http://wap.jbenchmark.com/ace

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