Wattpad is the cool new way to read and share stories on mobile phone. Wattpad is tiny cellphone application which let you download and read ebooks available in the Wattpad community library. The texts and ebooks are contributed by wattpad readers.

Anybody can signup and upload text which will be added to the wattpad ebook library and can be read on the cellphone with wattpad cellphone client. You can find digital version of famous story books like Harry Potter, The Alchemist and even technical guides and How To’s like 330 Java Tips and 100 Great websites.

Reasons to Love Wattpad:

  • Works on variety of Cellphone Models.
  • You can download whole texts for reading later.
  • Auto Scrolling and adjustable scrolling speeds.
  • Adjustable Text Size, Text and Background Colors.
  • Inbuilt search feature

To download, visit http://get.wattpad.com from your cellphone wap browser or visit this webpage from PC.

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