how to deface a friendster account profile

i just wanna give you an easy tutorial how to deface a friendster profile or we can call it how to redirect the main page (profile) to other link. over here we just need three simple steep to do it:

--==1==-- login to your own friendster account
--==2==-- find your victim account
--==3==-- begin to write a testimonial-----------------------------------------------------------

hai how are you? you are so sexy, but why your eyes like my cat's pussy? and everything what do you want to write

ending manner------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
copy and paste the source above exactly after you put the link where you want to put the the main profile page. and wait until your sexy victim login to their own account and when the victim going to the pending testimonial area to check the testimonial directly their page will redirect to the link that you put it before. usually this exercise just work by internet explorer (the victim will redirect when they login to their account by using internet explorer)but you can try it by any browser mozilla, opera, netscape, or i.e.
i am sorry if i have any mistake by this simple tutorial because i just wanna share my experience and my knowledge.thanks and happy fun

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