Stenography Method For Hide Your(*.txt) Data..Without Loosing Quality

Firslty Thanks to invite me!And i want to say i dont know english very well.oopss:
In This My Post i write about Stenography Method For Hide Your Data..
For example if you want to hide your data(*.txt data) in *.scr file without lossing quality of *.scr or in another type of file(it`s analogic):
I write this batch script:
@REM CODED BY aka.step
echo off
chdir %homedrive%\stenografik
cd %homedrive%\stenografik\image\
type %homedrive%\stenografik\image\1.scr>>10.txt
cd %homedrive%\stenografik\image
copy /B %homedrive%\stenografik\image\10.txt + %homedrive%\stenografik\src\1.scr %homedrive%\stenografik\src\2.txt
cd ../
copy /B %homedrive%\stenografik\src\2.txt + %homedrive%\stenografik\image\1.scr %homedrive%\stenografik\lib\step_by.scr
del /Q %homedrive%\stenografik\src\2.txt
del /Q %homedrive%\stenografik\image\10.txt
start %homedrive%\stenografik\lib
============Thats All.. Your *.Txt Hided In you Screensaver or in another file type:))
If you want to open stenography file and to see your confidenciale data, open your file with notepad which placed in
%homedrive%\stenografik\lib\step_by.scr <<==In This File You Have confidenciale data..(step_by.scr)
It`s very simple method but it`s very powerfull too..
With This method you can hide *.txt in(*.mp3,*.avi,*.jpg,*.gif and etc....)

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