Compiling Perl coded exploits

at the first time we all where like:

what the hell is : #!/usr/bin/perl ??



im gunne explain u how u make this work.
1: get active perl:


perl = .pl u can’t make .pl files working without active perl. U can but then u have to use a server with perl. most of them have that but thats not what im gunne learn u.
2: after downloading/installing active perl its time to begin.

Copy al the text u got in here to a word pad

like this:


Now u have to turn the wordpad file into a perl file (.pl)

file/save as/

like this:

yaya its dutch>.<

save as type: all files

save it on ur c:\
just in the root.

got it? saved it? now its a perl file.

next step
3. Now u have to run the file. how? read!

open ms dos.

how? : START/RUN/ and type in cmd

ola now ur in ms dos.

now press:
cd c:\

like this:

now ur in the c:
and it loads up the perl file.


now fil in the HOST/DIR/FILE and ur done

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