Use Gmail as a drive in Windows

Google increased the storage limit for Gmail users just recently who have now roughly four Gigabytes at their disposal with the option to add even more storage that can be purchased in the account settings. The maximum amount is currently 400 Gigabytes of storage which would cost $500 per year.
Most users will probably be happy with the four Gigabytes and can use a small software called GMail Drive to add the Gmail storage as a drive in Windows. To do that the user needs to install GMail Drive and enter his login details when clicking on the new drive letter. I suggest to save this information unless you want to enter the username and password everytime you want to access the drive.
I mainly use it to backup important data, not as my primary backup location but a secondary one. All files that are stored on the drive are accessible on the Gmail website as well which means it is also possible to store files that you work with on different computers.
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