Add A Splash Screen To Mozilla Firefox

I don’t know why splash screens were made. But they can add some and masala and mint to a software, they look nice and beautiful. Many softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Flash and many others already have splash screens but our beloved browser, Firefox lacks one. Some may say that splash screens are nagging and interfere in our work but for others they offer a refreshing start for our work.
Is an extension for Mozilla products which can add splash screens not only to Firefox but also to Flock, Thunderbird and Sunbird.
You just have to select any image which has to act as the splash, select the background color, specify if there should be any text displayed or sound played and Voila! You have your own splash screen ready.
Download the Splash Add-on
If you like, you can create your own splash screen (or just keep the photo of your dear ones) or have one ready made from here Ready Made Splash Screens.
Well, my favorite is this one

firefox splash new black aqua

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