how to Set Up Windows Live Mail For Gmail IMAP

Google recently introduced IMAP for Gmail which really brought its service one step ahead on the way to perfection.
For those who do not know what IMAP is but are familiar with POP3, then let me tell you that IMAP is a newer technology in which unlike POP, the mails aren't downloaded but synchronized. In short, when you are using POP you have actually downloaded all the mails and attachments and then work on them on your hard-disk, even when offline: This is the plus point of pop. But it has a minus too, and that is, for example if you have deleted a mail in your client software, it will not be deleted on the server, this is what when I said that it only download the mails. Whereas, in IMAP, if you delete a mail on the server or in the client, the result will be seen on both the sides, its like working with mails on the server and not on the hard-disk.
Windows live mail work robust with Gmail's pop as well as with the newly introduced IMAP. I have already written about Configuring Gmail POP with Live Mail and today I will teach you how to use Gmail IMAP with Live Mail.
  1. Click the "Add new email account button" from the sidebar.ScreenShot001
  2. Write your Gmail address, your password and your name and don't forget to click the "Manually Configure Settings........." checkbox and click next as shown below
  3. On the next screen, select IMAP as the server. Enter as the incoming server and as the outgoing server and click next and on the other screen click Finish ScreenShot002
  4. Now on the sidebar, right click your account and select properties.
  5. Select the "Advanced" Tab. Enter 587 as the outgoing mail server port and 993 as the incoming server port. Select the checkbox for SSL secure connection under incoming mail as shown ScreenShot005
  6. Click OK and Enjoy!
If you face any further problems, don't hesitate to leave a comment happy2
UPDATE: With current configuration the folder structure in Live Mail will be created twice, one as a category and second as a sub-category, like this
To have it done correctly Write click account and select Properties. Scroll to the IMAP tab and under the Root Folder Path type [Gmail]
So that the output can be like this
Doesn't Live Mail make up a perfect match for Gmail, share your views in the comments!

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