Repair and view corrupted or damaged images

Sometimes when you recover a deleted picture, you’ll find that, even though it’s been 100% recovered, it has been damaged or corrupted, so you can’t view it. This can be very annoying, and it’s happened to me before. When it happens, the corrupted pictures taunt you, with their blank background, and only a few small words that read: ‘No Preview Avaliable’.

Please note that repairing a corrupted or damaged image is completely different from recovering a deleted image.


Files can become corrupted if they happen to be stored on a hard drive that has bad sectors. Even if you run ScanDisk to fix the bad sectors, the image may still be corrupted and not viewable.

After vigorously browsing the Internet, I only found a few random methods on how to repair corrupted pictures.

The one program I found that worked was PixRecovery. It’s a data recovery program for corrupted or damaged files, which was exactly what I needed. It supports multiple file type, including all the big one’s like .JPEG and .GIF.


Using it was a breeze. Simply run the program, pick the file you wish to recover, and click ‘Recover‘. Done. In under 60 seconds, you should have a recovered file, which is a lot quicker than some of the other methods that popped up on Google. And there it is! Your file all nice and repaired.

The program also has a very clean and neat GUI interface without any bell and whistle useless features. It simply recovers files and that’s it.

The only thing I dislike about this program is the INSANE pricing of the program - It’s $149! And that’s just for a single user license. I think it’s because they’re the one of the few guys out there who have a program to repair corrupted image files which actually works.

So instead, I just used the Demo to recover as much as I could with it’s limited capabilities. To get the demo, simply go here:

The program works fine in demo mode, but puts a watermark onto the image. It’s really handy, especially by getting all those memories again. But, the pricing is just too high for me to even consider buying the program. If you can live with the watermark, then use the demo or if your pictures are that important and a free program is not working, the $150 might be worth it.

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