Track Your Stolen Laptop With Adeona For Free

Adeona is open source software to system used to securely and privately track the location of your Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop.
What makes Adeona stand out, even from proprietary solutions, is it’s ability to securely transmit the location data preventing 3rd parties from also gathering the information.
Keep in mind that Adeona is still in beta, so don’t expect a perfect program just yet. Please do report any bugs that you might find.
Installation methods differ between operating systems so be sure to read the download instructions.
One interesting question from the FAQs:
Can I install this on my girlfriend or boyfriend’s computer and track her or him, and perhaps get pictures of them while they’re doing certain activites?
Yes. Like all technologies, Adeona has the potential for being abused. However, if you are malicious enough to want to do the above, there is probably other software available out there more suited for your needs. (We won’t provide links to these more malicious tools.)
Adeona seems to be a good solution to give you a piece of mind that if your laptop gets stolen, you might have a chance to retrieve it.
If you have any other suggestions for software to track your stolen laptop, please let us know in the comments as always.

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