firefox themes great collection


FOXSCAPE - If you long for the days when Netscape was a browser and not social bookmarking, download this theme immediately.
    Office 03
Office 03 - Give your browser that Microsoft Office 2003 look it’s beencraving.
    Outlook 2003
Outlook 2003 Blue - Looks like the 2003 edition of Outlook. Also comes in green and silver.


    Abstract Classic
Abstract Classic - Angular looking icons.
    Baby Blue
Baby Blue/ BB - The boyish blue version of Pink Paula.
    Bible Fox
Bible Fox - Gives your Firefox a Christian make over.
    Glowy Green
Glowy Green - Bit of a fantasy feel, also available in gold, red, wine and blue.
Littlefox for Firefox - Designed to take up as little screen real estate as possible.
MidnightFox - A dark theme with brightly colored buttons.
    Old Factory
OldFactory Black - Give your browser a retro feeling with toggles and switches
PimpZilla - You’ve pimped out your ride, why not do the same with your web browser?
    Pink Paula
Pink Paula / PP2 - If you just don’t have enough pink in your life, this is the solution.
RedShift V2 Beta - Dark theme with red highlights.
    Scribblies Brite
Scribblies Brite - Watch the juggler do his thing while pages load. Fun theme for kids.
ShadowThunder II Sunbeam - Bright yellow with colorful icons.
Walnut for Firefox - Ever wondered what the web would look like with a wooden take? This is the theme you need.

Operating System Integration

    iFox Smooth
iFox Smooth - A very basic Mac looking theme.
    Macfox II
Macfox II - Give your Firefox a Mac OS feeling no matter what computer you’re on.
    Metal Lion
Metal Lion - Vista - The popular Metal Lion theme updated to integrate more with the Vista feel.
    Netscape Windows 3.1
Netscape Windows 3.1 - Harken back to Netscape 3 while running it on Windows 3.1.
    Ubuntu Human
Ubuntu Human Theme - Makes your Firefox look like a part of yoru Ubuntu Linux install.
    Ubuntu Tango
Ubuntu Tango Theme - Another one for the Linux enthusiasts out there.
Vista-aero - If you like the power of Firefox, but the look of Internet Explorer 7, this is the theme for you.


HalloFF - A mixture of Halloween and The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Halloween - Haunted houses, black cats, flying witches for you to browse with.
    Lineage 2
Lineage 2 - Based on the game of Lineage 2.
    NASA Night Launch
NASA Night Launch - Can even style numerous extensions.
    Red Cats
Red Cats (green flavor) - A theme for the cat lovers, also available in blue.
    The Simpsons
The Simpsons - Made for the German release of the movi, but works perfectly fine here.
tuxof - Based on Unreal Tournament 2004.
    Xmas Light
X-Mas (Light) - Perfect to celebrate Christmas any time of year.
Aero Fox - All black and blue, kind of like how I ended up after the last Internet Explorer 7 fan club meeting I attended.
NASA Night Launch - Want to shoot off to the stars?  Well you might not be able to go to space yourself, but why should you?  Bring space to you!
Aquatint Black Gloss - Another shinny black and blue theme with icons so glossy I can see myself in them.
PitchDark for Fx - It is so dark, it is pitch dark!  No wait a minute, isn’t that suppose to be pitch black?  Oh no wait a minute, there is the pun.
Just Black - Hey, it is just black - got it?  Nothing more to see here, keep moving along my Firefox flock of followers.
In The Dark - If you want something darker than pitch dark, then you need to go in the dark.  Somebody turned the lights out on my Firefox!
DarkVista - Represent the Microsoft friendly theme the way it was suppose to be done… with the back and forward reminding me more of Darth Vader’s helmet.
Gradient iCool - Hey, iCool… are uCool?  Black and blue again (seeing a repeating fashion here) but just different enough to keep it interesting.
Office 2007 Black - Enjoy the look of Office 2007, but want it black and as a Firefox 3 theme?  For all 6 of you out there - I give you this.
Full Flat Absolute Black - Simple 2-bit icons, black background and yeah, you can’t get any darker than this.
Which theme from the dark side is your favorite?  Why do we love or hate the

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