Force Gmail to use HTTPS

Gmail has been capable of running on SSL for quite some time, but it’s not something that’s enabled by default. I always typed the https in by hand, but I don’t completely trust that method. I’ve used Better Gmail2 in the past, but that doesn’t like FireFox 3 for some reason. There are also a number of scripts for GreaseMonkey that force Gmail to use SSL, but now Gmail has made it an option on the settings page. It’s on the bottom of the page and easy to miss if you’re not looking closely.
There’s no reason not to use HTTPS if you’re anywhere other than your home network. And quite frankly, there’s no real reason not to use it at home too. Google’s excuse that it might slow down your connection is pretty lame and if that’s the only reason you’re not using HTTPS, you need to rethink whether you should be accessing Gmail at all when remote.

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