How To Reduce Your Broadband bill

If you’re one of those poor internet users who have to pay by the Megabyte, or have a capped allowance then I have 5 good tips (and 1 silly tip) for reducing your bandwidth usage, so that you can surf more.  I’ve never come across these applications before, because I have an unlimited pipe which in some months downloads obscene amounts of data.Onspeed: Its a slipstream accelerator which uses Squid Cache to compress text and images before downloading. So far it has compressed 634 MB into 249 MB on my system.Works like a charm
FlashBlock Extension: I hate annoying flash ads, especially on Yahoo and by Tribal Fusion Ad Network. So this Firefox extension does the job of blocking them.
Imglikeopera Extension: Yeap, This is a Firefox extension too. It loads images from cache (I browse during free night hours to fill my cache) i.e saves bandwidth
Adblock Extension: I should have quoted this before Imglikeopera, Anyway this Firefox extension blocks all ads except ones in your whitelist

Tip: Just incase your a busy geek who exchanges mail frequently, Use any good email client instead of webmail (especially if you use Gmail or Yahoomail Beta, because they have lots of AJAX embedded in them). I personally use Thunderbird on Win or Kmail on Linux.

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