The Best Indian Bikes Review

_____Yamaha RD 350- Let me take you back in time. Does the name ring a bell? If it doesnt, dont bother reading any further. In a time when Bullets ruled roost, 11bhp bikes were called performance bikes, 4 speed bikes were the norm(though there were some three speeders too), there came a bike that had 39bhp of raw power, 2 cylinders, 6 speed gearbox and looks to die for. With that round headlamp, timeless shape, two silencers and buckets of chrome, which would never go out of fashion, it set youth’s hearts on fire. And when it was kickstarted and revved(in neutral) made an orgasmic sound that was never ever matched by any other bike. Put it in first gear, rev a little, let the clutch go and give throttle (just a bit or you’ll be below the bike in no time), and whoa! you’ll have both your balls down your throat. Such mindblowing acceleration, top speed, looks, sound, power delivery and most of all character can never ever be matched by any other bike. Period.

Bottomline- It still feels like riding a laser guided artillery shell with handlebars.

Performance- 200/100
Mileage- 30/100
Looks- 85/100
Fun Factor- 999/100

HH Karizma- Hero Honda, a name known for producing mileage monsters with rather pathetic names, first produced the first ever 150cc bike in the country, the CBZ. After its market share was killed by the Pulsar twins, came out fully loaded with a 223cc bike with a real sorry name. Karizma, now whats that supposed to mean? Released in mid 2003, the P180 classic(non-DTSi) ruled roost in the performance segment. Zma had a much longer wheelbase than the classic, a half-fairing(not the first though, remember LML Adreno?), had a digital meter which housed even a clock! More importantly, it was a full 2 bhp more than its nearest rival (discounting the Enfields). That was on paper. But on road, the P180 classic gave a tough chase to the Zma. Zma, known for its lazy long stroked engine is better known for touring. But nowadys, since zma has become a whole lot cheaper( resale value’s down), roadside romeos buy zma and pose on it, putting loud ugly end cans and full fairings and ride helmetless. Crazy fools. But a fun dampner on an overall nice package is a lack of sound and vibes(thats a +ve point for some), which is frankly not my cup of tea. Though now i’ve redeemed it with a K&N filter, which makes music to my ears. A must buy for all those who own performance bikes(in the indian context :p)

Bottomline- It feels like watching an action film, with the TV on mute :D

Performance- 85/100
Mileage- 65/100
Looks- 70/100
FunFactor- 30/100

Bajaj Pulsar 180- The one bike which brought/will bring about the evolution of the zma, P250, fazer 250, TVS 250. There are three versions of this bike. First, bursting upon the sorry Indian biking scene came the 180 classic, tearing the competition apart. Then in September 2003 came out the Karizma challenger/beater in the form of Pulsar 180 Dtsi. Making just one odd bhp more on paper, it kicked all reigning bike’s arses. Then in December 2004, Bajaj added gas-shocks and alloy wheels to Pulsar’s portfolio. Also they slightly increased its wheelbase, and coupled with the decrease in height(due to 17 inchers) Pulsar’s stance was altered. Now it’s long and low. But, sadly they decreased its top speed. Positives were improved acceleration, midrange and Low end torque. In mid 2005, the alloys, exhaust, engine and its casings, saree guard, crash guard and chain cover were made black from the familier silver. What a change it made! Even now the Pulsar looks refreshing after four and a half years. Raw power was/is P180’s forte. Instant throttle response, responsive brakes and handling were always there from day 1. But what makes the P180 what it is, is the amount of performance it packs, with mindblowing mileage(40+) in a package of just 58000Rs.

Bottomline- Perfect fusion of Looks, Performance,Mileage and Price.

Performance- 85/100
Mileage- 95/100
Looks- 75/100
FunFactor- 85/100

RX 100/Shogun - If you’re in your twenties, you must remember the traffic lights where you raced your 2 stroke screamer. Those were the days. When petrol was cheap, there were no pollution norms, no strict policemen, when you could hear one of these bikes from a mile away. Twist the wrist and behold, blue smoke all over behind you blinding the CD 100 owners and you dissapeared away in the smoke. RX 100 was 98cc and 11 bhp. But it packed a punch. Shogun was made with one thing in mind, beating the crap outta’ the RX 100. Made 14.2bhp out of its 108cc engine. Both when ported and when fitted with an expansion chamber can beat the pants out of P180/Zma and the likes and just about keep up with an RD 350. But shogun suffered from reliability problems. RX 100 went on and on and on. Even now you can spot many RX’s around. Two of the most simple yet powerful bikes ever made.

Bottomline- I prefer an RX over these 16-17bhp tree huggers. Need i say more? ;-)

Performance - 75/100
Mileage - 60/100
Looks - 65/100
Fun Factor- 95/100

Other Performance Bikes
Kinetic Comet 250------------------------------90/100
HH CBZ-------------------------------------------75/100
Any Yezdi------------------------------------------70/100
Kinetic GF 170 City/Lazer---------------------65/100
Yahama RX 135( 4speed and 5 speed)------70/100
Yamaha RXZ---------------------------------------80/100

Other Bikes which made history-(not necessarily PBK’s)

HH Splendor/Passion/CD 100- Yes these bikes set the sales charts on fire but only because of these bikes we are (still)deprived of Big Bikes.
Bajaj CT 100- A small(but good) package of looks and mileage, reliability still a question.
Bajaj Pulsar 150(all versions)- A killing combination of performance, looks and mileage which half of the biking population have invested in.
RE Standard 350/Electra- You can love it or hate it but you cant ignore it.

1.YAMAHA RD 350:- This bike has got 2 cylindered 347 cc engine producing 37bhp and a six speed gearbox, capable of reaching a top speed of 180kmph. It reaches 100kmph from rest in just 5secs.
Classic styling, very good handling and comfort are other things that make it the best bike in India’s biking history. Mileage is 10-15kmpl
.2. YEZDI ROADKING:- Considering the fact that it uses the technology of 1960’s, this bike is something special. It has a 250cc engine which has got better pick up than any of the modern Indian bikes. It is also capable of reaching speeds around 115kmph. Handling and comfort are immaculate. Maintenance is not a word to be found in the dictionary of its owner. Mileage is 30-35kmpl
.3. YAMAHA RXZ:- This is the best styled 2 stroke bike in India. It has a 135cc engine with 5 gears producing 14bhp. This bike has got excellent pick up and top speed is 115kmph. Mileage is 35-40kmpl.
4. YAMAHA RX 135:- This bike has got neat and handsome looks. Engine, performance and mileage are similar to RXZ.
5. YAMAHA RX 100:- This bike has got similar neat, handsome looks and body like RX 135. It has a 100cc engine producing 11bhp. This bike is known for its instant pickup and power surge. Top speed is around 110kmph. Mileage is 40-45kmpl.
6. SUZUKI SHOGUN:- Its 110cc engine produces 14bhp. The bike had very good pick up and a top speed of 120kmph. It has very good styling also. Mileage is 35-40kmpl.
7. HYOSUNG COMET:- The first original sports bike for India brought by Korean company Hyosung. It has got features like monoshock, inverted front shocks and sports bike like body frame. It has got a 250cc, 8valve DOHC V2 engine producing 29bhp. The bike is capable of reaching a top speed of 130kmph. Mileage is 25kmpl.
8. HYOSUNG AQUILLA:- The first original cruiser bike for India. Engine, performance and mileage are similar to Comet.
9. HERO HONDA KARIZMA:- This bike is known for its sporty looks. It has got a 225cc engine producing 17bhp capable of doing 130kmph and gives very good pickup also. Mileage is 35kmpl. Values like quality and reliability are found in all Hero Honda bikes.
10. KAWASAKI ELIMINATOR:- This is a cruiser-like bike with a 175cc engine producing 15bhp. The bike has got very good pickup, style and comfort. It is capable of doing top speed of 115kmph. Mileage is 40-45kmpl. The engine is very smooth and refined. Gearbox is slick and easy to use.
11. HERO HONDA CBZ XTREME:- This bike has got very good looks. Side panels and taillights look very unique from other bikes. The bike has a power of 14.4bhp which is the highest in its class. Acceleration is brisk and top speed is 120kmph. Mileage is around 50kmpl.
12.TVS APACHE:- This bike has got excellent handling abilities and provides good comfort too, thanks to rear canister inverted gas shock absorbers. The chassis is very rigid and it is flexible at joints. This gives the bike both straight line stability and very good cornering abilities. Styling is contemporary, but still has scope for improvement. Engine produces very good low end torque because of IEsurge. Power is 13.7bhp and top speed is 120kmph. Mileage is 60kmpl.
13. HONDA UNICORN:- The engine is very quiet, smooth, refined & vibration free. Honda bikes are famous for its quality and reliability. Styling is very good. Rear Mono shock absorber improves its looks and helps in excellent handling and stability. The engine produces 13.5bhp which is the lowest in its class. Acceleration is very good and top speed is 115kmph. Mileage is 55-60kmpl.

14. YAMAHA GLADIATOR:- All Yamaha bikes are excellent in terms of engine performance, refinement, smoothness, quality, handling & comfort. Gladiator is not an exception. This bike is an excellent package of alloy wheels, disc brakes, self start and five gears. Engine produces 11bhp power. The carburetor has been designed based on Yamaha Throttle Position Sensor (YTPS) technology. This decreases wastage of fuel and ensures optimum combustion of air fuel mixture, thus increasing the pick up and power without any decrease in mileage. Acceleration can be well compared with a 150cc bike. Top speed is 110kmph. Mileage is 60-65kmpl. This bike has got very unique, neat and stylish looks.
15. YAMAHA ENTICER:- The baby among cruiser bikes. This bike has the looks and comfort of a cruiser. But the engine is small to provide cruiser like performance & ride. Power is 11bhp. Acceleration is good and top speed is 105kmph. Mileage is 55-60kmpl. This is the only cruiser in India which is affordable by a common man.
16. HONDA SHINE:- This bike’s engine has been designed based on Optimax technology for achieving maximum power and mileage through optimum combustion. For achieving this, the cylinder and cylinder head are designed in such a manner to increase the turbulence of the fuel air mixture flow inside the cylinder. It produces 10.3bhp which gives a top speed of 100kmph. Acceleration is the best among all 125cc bikes. Styling is very good, but looks outdated. The body has been designed based on ‘Ergotech design’ to provide the best ergonomics and riding position to the rider. Mileage is 60-65kmpl.
17. YAMAHA G5:- With its well structured body and now available with alloy wheels, G5 is the best styled bike in this segment. This bike has got a good combination of pick up, speed, mileage & comfort. The 106cc engine produces 7.6bhp which gives a top speed of 90kmph. Mileage is 75kmpl.
18. YAMAHA CRUX:- This is a simple and neatly styled bike. Pick up and acceleration are good. Engine and power are same as that of G5. Top speed is 95-100kmph and mileage is 75-80kmpl. The bike has got very less weight and this makes it very easy to handle and control, especially in city traffic. A very low price makes it the most affordable bike in India today.
19.TVS STAR CITY:- This is the only 100cc bike which has got a self start. This bike also has alloy wheels and modern styling. It has a 99cc engine which gives 7.5bhp power and excellent torque at lower rpms. This increases the lugging ability of the bike which makes it the best 100cc bike to ride in unfavorable conditions like bad roads, city traffic and hilly areas. A very low body weight helps in good handling and control. Engine uses roller camshaft technology (RCF) instead of conventional sliding camshaft. This increases durability and efficiency of engine. A ride switch is provided which helps us in adjusting the rear shock absorbers with our hand. Economy indicators help us to achieve good mileage also. Top speed is 90-95kmph and mileage is 80-85kmpl.
20.TVS VICTOR:- It has an 110cc engine which produces 8.1bhp of power. The bike has got very good pickup and acceleration. Top speed is 90-95kmph and mileage is 75kmpl. Styling is good and new alloy wheels had added juice to its style. The bike has got excellent handling, comfort & cornering abilities, thanks to rectangular box type rear swing arm. It also has got additional features like ride switch and economy indicators as in Star City.

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