Microsoft offers 5GB of online space to store your files |Skydrive

Microsoft is providing 5GB of space to store your files online. As the above picture illustrates, you can save files for yourself, share files with friends & also share on world wide web. It provides three level of access control for your files.
Private: Store files which are only accessible to you. This could be used to store files which are private & should not be accessible to anyone else.
Shared: Share files only with your friends, but they need to have an MSN or Hotmail account. Other than your friends can’t access these files.
Public: Upload files to public folder to make it available to everyone. After uploading files you can share link with anyone & they can download the file. If you have a web page or blog & want to provide a download to your visitors, it also provides attractive badges to insert in your web pages. Clicking on it, user can download that file.
Users who already have MSN or Hotmail account can straightaway start using it by logging in. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for a free account. Sign up or login to Skydrive at

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