Remote logout from your Gmail account:

Many of us use gmail because of it’s simple design & featureset it has to offer us. Google has introduced a new security feature for gmail, remote lagout. Many of use more than two computers to login to gmail. If you take my example, I login to gmail from home & office. Some times we often leave the browser opened & not being logged out of gmail, if the computer is at office or any public place your account might be mis-used. Now sitting at home computer you can logout of gmail in office computer or any other computer.
Footer in gmail contains your session details, when you last logged in & from which IP.

You can click on “Details” link which shows you a pop-up having details about your last sessions.
Check for all the sessions, see all are yours or somebody else is logging into your account! Click on “Sign out all other sessions” to sign out of gmail at all other places exept the current.

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