Top Girly Mobiles review

Sony Ericsson S500
The S500 slider is a delicately designed handset. It has floral themes for seasons and times of day as well. As you can see form the image, the themes gracefully complement the handset’s design. The keypad is a bit small, which lead me to believe that a woman’s touch would be perfect for it. The S500 comes with a 2MP camera that records video, and a media player that reads MP3 and AAC+ file formats. It uses M2 cards for external memory.
he handset supports GPRS/EDGE, email and Bluetooth with an A2DP profile. The lighting on the exterior is very classy yet refreshing, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve included this handset. 

Nokia 7070 Prism
I’ve often regarded Nokia’s Prism series as fashion mobiles and that’s precisely what they’re marketed as. Their diamond-like cuts, the criss-cross pattern of the keypad, and smooth black exteriors with a blue, pink or green finish, give them an appealing look. The latest Prism handset is called the 7070 and is's taken a slight deviation from the original candybar design to a flip/clamshell phone, with a similar diamond like finish.


This handset, although stylish, is quite limited in terms of features. Among the exclusions are a camera and Bluetooth. The oddest thing is that even though it supports GPRS/EDGE it has no support for external memory and doesn’t even have a media player. Needless to say, this is just a handset you’d want for making and taking calls and messages, it’s an entry-level glamour phone and nothing more.

Fly SX100
One of the primary reasons for including this handset is that my girlfriend and mother both happened to like the design, but for some reason my dad and my best friend didn’t think it manly enough for their consideration. I have to admit I felt the same, but on the one hand this is a neatly designed handset; very slim and sleek.

It has a 2MP camera, microSD card support for external memory, media player, FM radio, and a hot swap slot for the SIM card. It supports WAP/GPRS for net connectivity and proprietary USB for PC connectivity. The SX100 comes with Stereo Bluetooth, a couple of games, and plenty of other relevant features. It’s feature-rich all right, but the design imparts a distinctly feminine feel to it.

The U9 is a very elegant-looking oval-shaped clamshell handset, hence the name PEBL. Its glossy exterior and smooth edges give it a sexy look and feel. It has an exterior OLED display with touch-sensitive keys for audio control while you’re listening to music. The keypad is spaced out evenly for comfort.
The U9 is feature-rich, and comes with Stereo Bluetooth, USB v2.0, and GPRS/EDGE. It has a media player and a 2MP camera, and supports external memory expansion via microSD cards. I haven’t had the opportunity to review the handset, but I did get a chance to play with it at events, so I can say this is a quite a chick magnet. But not in the conventional sense; it attracts women as users.

LG KF510
The KF510 slider is quite a chic phone. It’s got a very slim and sleek finish, and a very smooth slide. The intuitive touch navigation system is quite jazzy, and not in a macho way. The colors make the handset rather 'shimmery', and all these words should pretty much give you a clue why I’ve included it.

The KF510 comes equipped with a 3MP auto focus camera with image stabilization technology. It has a media player and an integrated FM radio. Other features include GPRS/EDGE, USB v2.0, and Bluetooth with an A2DP profile. The handset uses microSD cards for external memory. It’s a neatly designed handset on the whole, with plenty of features.
This is just the first installment in a large list of handsets in this category, so if there are any more you guys or gals would like me to include, please leave a comment or mail me (with images, if you can). So ladies, I hope this feature helps you decide on a suitable handset. Of course, if you happen to be female and yet like macho-looking handsets, nothing stops you from looking at buying one of those. You have the best of both worlds!

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