Turn your mobile phone into a remote monitoring camera

MultiEyeVision,  has launched a tool called Observer that turns mobile phones into remote monitoring cameras. The camera’s images can be viewed from any internet connected device. You need a GPRS enable smartphone for this, or you can buy a pre-configured mobile phone from them

How does it work?  You need to download and install the Observer software on your mobile phone (or use the pre configured mobile phone sold by the company). Once thats done, just start the application and point it where you want to shoot. The streamed images are viewable from your account on their website; you can also control the settings of the observer (capture frequency, picture resolution, capture timings) from the web. The images can be stored for viewing later or even get emailed to you at specific times. The tool/software can run continually for 48 to 72 hours after which it needs to be restarted. On battery, it runs for 4-8 hours.

What the Observer does not support is video streaming, due to the limitations of GPRS (which requires higher transfer speeds). It can however transmit image streams upto a rate of 3 images per minute, which is adequate for many situations. The Observer is aimed at a variety of consumer or business use cases.

The pre configured phones are based on Nokia & Sony-Ericcson models (Nokia 3500, Nokia 6300 & Sony Ericcson W810i) and cost between 8K-12 K INR. For using the software with your own phone, you’d need to pay 2.5K INR.
In fact, if there are unused mobile phones lying with you, they can be configured as well for this application. Details here.

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