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Domain Hacks Tool To Find Like Domain Names

One of the most tedious part while starting a website is finding a right & unique domain name. Everybody loves domain name which ends in .com, but for the same reason finding a short and simple domain name becomes a painful task.

Thanks to, a new trend in domain name started! If you haven’t noticed it, .us is country level domain for United States. Similar creative domain name are owned by wordpress founder and IndiBlogger team member Here .tt is country level domain for Trinidad and Tobago, similarly .in is for India.
Now trying your favorite keywords against 100’s of country level and other top-level domain name can be tedious task. Also most country-level domain can not be registered with famous domain registrars like GoDaddy!
So to take care of all this problems at one place, visit Domain Hacks tool provided by
Xona’s Domain hack tool allows you to search your favorite keyword in all top-level domain names, also tries all valid subdomain combinations, gives link to wiki entry of domain name as well as corresponding domain registrar.
Also a list of suggested domain name available, sorted in three categories - Alphabetized, Word Length & Top-Level Domain.
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To get such ideas for domain name, head over to and type a word or even a phrase. For instance, if you type "Paris Hilton", it will suggestion which is for Israel. Thanks Palin.

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