Malware Authors Jumping on the Obama

No surprise here, the malware authors are leveraging on the social engineering aspect of the US presidential elections.
In less than half a day Google Adwords adverts and custom malware was popping up conning users into a sense of security by using Obama’s name.

Malware purveyors have wasted no time capitalizing on Barack Obama’s landslide victory in the US presidential race. Within 12 hours of his acceptance speech Tuesday night, net users were being treated to scams involving Google AdWords and prodigious volumes of spam.
The spam comes masked as dispatches from legitimate news sources, including the BBC and CNN, and invite readers to click a link to view a video of Obama accepting his country’s vote. Those who take the bait are sent to a spoof page of the news site that claims they need to update their Adobe Flash Player before viewing the speech.
It seems to be a generic trojan/rootkit aiming for banking details, it’s just a new vector for installation.
I guess a lot of people will fall for it though with the election fever hitting all around the World, not just in USA. Everyone is going Obama crazy!

In fact, Adobe_flash9.exe installs the notorious Trojan-PSW:W32/Papras.CL, according to anti-virus provider F-Secure. Earlier Wednesday, just 14 of the 36 major anti-virus programs detected the trojan, according to this analysis from VirusTotal. Once installed, the malware, which cloaks itself in a rootkit, logs passwords for bank sites and other sensitive information and sends them to a server located in Ukraine.
The fraudulent news sites are being hosted on a fast-flux network of infected machines, according to this analysis by the CyberCrime & Doing Time blog. Cloudmark, a company that provides spam filtering service, has already seen more than 10 million of the spam messages, according to the Zero Day blog.
Anyway just let the non-tech savvy amongst the people you know that this is going on and that they are likely to get e-mails or messages about Obama pretending to be from legitimate sources.
Under no circumstance should they follow the link and especially don’t install any flash or other software updates from such sites.

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