MultiInjector - Automated Stealth SQL Injection Tool

MultiInjector claims to the first configurable automatic website defacement software, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing - or a bad thing.
But well here it is anyway.

  • Receives a list of URLs as input
  • Recognizes the parameterized URLs from the list
  • Fuzzes all URL parameters to concatenate the desired payload once an injection is successful
  • Automatic defacement - you decide on the defacement content, be it a hidden script, or just pure old “cyber graffiti” fun
  • OS command execution - remote enabling of XP_CMDSHELL on SQL server, subsequently running any arbitrary operating system command lines entered by the user
  • Configurable parallel connections exponentially speed up the attack process - one payload, multiple targets, simultaneous attacks
  • Optional use of an HTTP proxy to mask the origin of the attacks

The author highly recommend running a HTTP sniffer such as IEInspector HTTP Analyzer in order to see all attack requests going out to the targets.
  • Python >= 2.4
  • Pycurl (compatible with the above version of Python)
  • Psyco (compatible with the above version of Python)
You can download MultiInjector v0.2 here:
Or read more here.

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