EPassports - Make Terrorist Dreams Come True

 many governments who are very keen of introducing new electronic means of identification have virtually no idea of what they are actually introducing? They claim it will make identification easier, securer and thwart document forgery.
The latest “proof” is a video by dutch security researcher Elvis Aaron Presley, sorry Jeroen van Beek, who managed to create a blank working document that was accepted at Amsterdam airport in September 2008.
The essence of the test was to show that ePassports can be easily forged. This essentially means that anyone with the technical knowledge can alter the picture, name, nationality, DOB and other credentials with ease.
If you need proof that Elvis is still alive then the following video might convince you.. I mean, it is an ePassport, a secure and reliable passport. Ain’t it?
Check out the thc epassport page for all the information about the current insecurities.

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