Google Chrome is now out of Beta

I know that most people arent really lining up to care about this but Google Chrome has finally come out of beta.  Now why is that really a big deal? Well thats because it seems like Google never takes anything out of beta. So why are they starting now. Also what is Google"s plan for this browser?  I really like potential for spyware protection and security but what else?

I have to admit after being out just 100 days of development and achieving 10 million active users around the globe, Google deserved to remove the “Beta” label from their software. I think we are just owed a bit of an explanation. I am sure that is what Mozilla Firefox is lookin for. If i was them I would be shaking right about now. The Chrome user base is probably made up of almost all Firefox users.

Some of the upcoming features that Gogole is working on includes RSS support, form auto-fill, extensions, bug fixes, security patches, etc. The adoption of the extension system by developers could also play a major role in eroding even more marketshare from Firefox. Lets see where Google goes now that Chrome is out of beta.

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