Make Internet Calls from Computer PC to Phone Free Services Include

Below is the list (Website and Tools) how you can make a call to phone including mobile phone or home phone that you can do from you computer just only using Internet. That means you don’t use a cellphone or handphone or any phone, you just use Internet Connection and you desktop or Laptop or NoteBook or NetBook  computer

  • Magic Jack - Most Call are Free .
  • Skype - PC to PC aka skype to Skype Free Call, Need Charge for pc to Phone but cheaper that Phone to Phone
  • Yahoo! Voice - PC to PC Free using Yahoo Messenger Voice Talk, Need Charge for PC to Mobile Phone and else but in low cost
  • PalTalk - PC to PC and als PC to Phone
  • BuddyTalk
  • JaJah
  • DukaDial - North America Free Call
  • Voipcheap - Free Internet Calls (Limited)
  • sharpVoice
  • iConnectHere = PC to Pnone Calls
  • PC2Call - Prepaid Calls
  • YouTring - Free PC to PC, Cheap PC to Phone, International Calls available.
  • EvaPhone - Free VoiP Service PC to Cell Phone Home Phone all over the World
  • Net2Phone

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