Accessing the Router

Your tricks and tweaks based on your experiences teaches you many thing,like the one I’m going to mention now
Well the last Post by Manav, forces me to publish this article.
How to Access a router and what can you do after it ?
I’ve been doing this from past few months, and I when Manav said that it is a global problem, I feel to appreciate him for that.
Okei, so here we go,
There are actually two methods
  1. Manual (I love this)
  2. Remote (I still love this)
But before just illustrating the trick, I’d like to introduce some thing to you all. A router is a device that connects with the Lan Card/Ethernet or with the USB port of your computer, it is a gateway of your computer to the outside world.
It is assumed that with the introduction of router, direct access to your computer, which was possible in the Dial UP reign, is now abolished, but in this world nothing is safe, so we’ll see.
Manual Method
The Router and the computer make a small local Area Network.
There are different IP addresses for different devices/nodes in the LAN, normally the range starts from, you can check out your node’s IP, by viewing the properties of the Network Connection (if its connected).
Now, normally the router or the server (if in a larger network ), has the local IP You can always access the configuration page, by visiting the local IP , type this IP address on any web browser.
This will lead you to the configuration page, where it will ask you for the user name and password, see the snapshot
Accessing the configuration PHP page
Now, here lies the biggest flaw of the global aspect, try this useername : admin, password :: admin, try this it will workin 95% cases, why ?, because even the IT gurus are n00bs enough for never looking in this problem, Its a global situation, from Japan to Pakistan.
So here you are in the Configuration page , now even if the password is not admin, and you’ve physical access to the router, just reset it, all it need is a pin ;)
In the Remote Method, all you need to know is the IP of the router, no local IP won’t get you to anybody’s router, so you need to know the IP when he is connected, there are so many methods, I’ll have a separate post for that.
Now the Question lies, what Can I do for fun ?
The most obvious thing that you can do is “trouble him/her”, how ?, well just navigate through the configuration pages, to find something like “Internet Connection “, It list the connections, see the snapshot
Internet Connection Page
Now this is your work, out of the given list only one will be active, which one?, most probably the top one, edit it, change the VPI and VCI value, hola, you’re done, this trick will atleast trouble him for 2-3 days. And beside you can change many other things, that I leave on you ! :D
Changing VPI and VCI
In certain Router, it is even possible to get the username of the Internet Connection and the password of the connection in hidden form, but everybody knows that the password is there, and since you’ve access to the PHP page you can get the damn password out,for example see this snap
accessing the password
What else can I do ?, well I’ven’t tried it but lets see, the router and the computer interacts by using a port, which port ? , we don’t know, it can be any of those 65000 ports, so running a port scanner ( you’ll find many ) is an advisable thing, go ahead and let me know !

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