how to Use your mobile phone to check your impact on climate change

The news

mobGAS©® is a new mobile phone application available in 21 European languages that allows users to see how their daily choices are impacting on climate change. This smart technology is fun to use, offers practical tips and demonstrates to users that climate change is not just a distant issue for others to tackle, but something that they too can really influence.

The background

Although easy to download and use, mobGAS is a sophisticated application that calculates an individual's emissions of the three main greenhouse gases - carbon dioxide CO2, methane CH4, and nitrous oxide N2O. It does so by compiling basic information inputted by the user on, for example, how they regulated their heating, what means of transport they took or the household appliances they used. Calculations of individual emissions of greenhouse gases can be accessed by users at the touch of a button at any time of the day. A users-diary of daily, weekly and yearly emissions can be securely registered on a dedicated website that allows them to compare their results with other country or world averages. The application also includes an animation reflecting the user's contribution to the Kyoto Protocol target.

Press release

European Commission scientists launch first mobile application that uses your mobile phone to track your carbon footprint DE EN FR IT PT

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mobGAS©®: presentation of the application


mobile phone with mobGAS application
mobGAS©: mobile climate change control© JRC (2007)
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mobGAS©: mobile climate change control© EC (2007)
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