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Today there exists hundreds of Spy softwares available on the market. Because of this huge diversity of choice, people often get confused about which spy software to choose. Also because of this confusion there is no wonder many people end up buying a substandard product which fail to meet their needs.
To help you come out of this confusion I have decided to write a complete review of one the best spy softwares that I have come accross. The following is the best spy software that I always recommend.

SniperSpy Full Review

SniperSpy Full ReviewIn my experience of more than 6 years I have tested almost 50 spy softwares. Out of these one of my favorite Spy software is SniperSpy. The following are some of the reasons for which I recommend SniperSpy for you.
1. SniperSpy can be used to Spy on your local PC as well as a remote PC since it supports remote installation feature.
2. On the whole Internet there exists only a few spy softwares that support remote installation and SniperSpy is the best among them.
3. You can view the LIVE screenshot of the remote computer. Not only screenshots, but also you can see every activity on the remote comuter LIVE.
4. With SniperSpy you can take a complete control of the remote PC. You can logoff, restart or shutdown the remote PC right from your PC.
5. SniperSpy records every activity of the remote computer.
6. SniperSpy is completely stealth and remains undetected.
7. SniperSpy captures every keystroke that is typed. This includes email passwords, login passwords, instant messenger passwords etc.
8. SniperSpy has the ability to bypass any firewall.
How it Works?
After you purchase the SniperSpy software, you will be able to download the a program that allows you to create a remotely deployable module.
To deploy the module you can attach the exe file to any regular email and send to the remote PC. Modules can be dropped into a Word, Wordpad or Works document, or even a ZIP or RAR file. When the module is executed it will not display anything on the screen if you chose the “Do Not Alert User” option during module creation.

After you have sent the email, wait until the remote user checks their email and executes the module. After the module is executed, activity will begin recording immediately. After activity starts recording it will then be uploaded to your personal SniperSpy web space.
Wait about fifteen minutes after the module has been executed. Then login to your online account. You will be able to view any recorded activity there using a secure https connection. Logs are updated every six minutes. No matter where you are, you can log into your SniperSpy account from any Internet connection.
How effective is SniperSpy?
Once you’ve got the module executed on the target machine, it begins logging keystrokes, websites visited, internet searches, file changes, instant message chats, and taking screenshots of computer activity. I decided to install the module remotely on my friend’s laptop. A few hours after it’s successful installation, I was able to login to the control panel to see the screenshots, keystrokes (includes passwords), websites visited and many more. Whenever he used to come online I was able to monitor has activity LIVE. It was quite amazing to sit at my place and watch his activities remotely.
Improvements in the latest version of SniperSpy
In the older versions of Sniperspy the online control panel was pretty slow taking upto a minute to communicate with the remote computer. This was a bit annoying.
But this problem is fixed in the latest version. In fact it’s extremely fast now!
How is SniperSpy different from other spy softwares?
The following features makes SniperSpy stand out from the crowd
1. Sniper Spy is more reliable than other spy softwares since the logs sent will be received and hosted by SniperSpy servers. You need not rely on your email account to receive the logs.
2. SniperSpy offers excellent customer support.
3. SniperSpy has got recognition from media such as CNN, BBC, CBS, Digit etc. Hence it is more reputed and trustworthy.
Verdict: Sniperspy Internet Monitor Software
This review can only give you an idea of just how powerful SniperSpy really is and how it can help you to monitor internet activity. There is not much that can be hidden from SniperSpy and if you visit their website you will get the complete picture.
There are a few computer remote spying programs available but Sniperspy is without doubt one of the best ones you can buy. Customer support is excellent and if you want peace of mind then this will allow you to find out the truth very quickly.
Check SniperSpy out right now and discover for yourself how much is worth to you compared with the few dollars it costs.
You can get SniperSpy from the following link: SniperSpy Homepage

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